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  1. Renaud Says:


    This email is in reference to a post you made here : I’ve posted a question. I’ve gotten no reply. Too many sub questions i suppose.

    The short story is that I’m looking for an alternative ‘event registration solution’ to ‘uc_node_checkout’ so that i can decide which of te two solutions is best for a specific set of circumstances.

    I’m trying hard to follow both your ‘improved code’ and Etan’s. I’m going in with the best of my abilities but only succeeding in failing. Too many inferences for a novice like me.

    Can you help?

    I think i’ve got the webform part down. The event referenced in the webform is properly added to the cart. The part that doesn’t work is updating the Webform to PAID when checkout is successful. I’m using UC’s test gateway.

    Here’s where I’m not clear

    – how to properly transfer $data across to UC?
    – how can i verify that the transfer is being done as it should?
    – what needs to be in place in the Event product class for that?

    – the step by step procedure to properly setup the conditional action

    Voilà. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


    Montreal, Canada

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