just visited Deviant Art (a great art site, if you can get past all the shit anime), which I’ve been going to for long stints with large breaks for a few years (since mid 2001), and I noticed that my website was still listed as http://naught101.atspace.com/, which is pretty amazing, ’cause that site is probably 5 years old, and I haven’t touched it for at least four and a half… I think..

It was my second site ever (first was http://naught101.cjb.net I think, an abandonware site). It still has some songs on it for download, feel free to check them out, if they’re still up..

Amazing what you find…


She grew up with me. I guess I hardly even noticed her, a lot of the time. She was always there though. She and my Dad went out sometimes, mostly in the local area, and now and then I’d tag along. She was a pretty earthy kid, which was normal for kids in my area. We all spent our fair share of our time playing in the mud.

I sometimes saw Her at school, but I didn’t take all that much notice, there was so much other stuff going on. Going to a bush school does that I guess. Or maybe it’s just that there were so many other kids my age, She just sort of faded in to the background most of the time.


I went to high school, She didn’t, so I didn’t see much of Her during my ‘teens. Not that She wasn’t able to. She was definitely intelligent enough. Perhaps She thought She didn’t need to. I’m not sure. I didn’t even really think about Her that much. (more…)

Old Gods
step aside for the New
but the New Gods
do not speak the truth. (more…)

Mister Milton never told me why
It is that we all have to die.
He said it might be painful,
It might last a while.
He tells me it’s the end,
But something new might begin. (more…)

What are you waiting for boy?
You’ve got the ideals,
the passion, the zeal.
You can make this a big deal. (more…)